International Association for
Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics

IACPL is a scientific association dedicated to the study of the relationships between language and colonialism from historical and contemporary perspectives. We aim to promote and develop the study of Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics as a newly emerging field in Linguistics and Language Studies and provide our members with opportunities for international debate and collaboration.


Click on the picture in order to apply for IACPL membership. The association’s interests include • (post)colonialist discourse • language contact • language policy • history of descriptive linguistics • language endangerment and revitalization • language ideologies • language and identity.


One of the main activities of IACPL is the organisation of scientific meetings and events, often in collaboration with other institutions. Please contact the association if you have a meeting proposal. Information on upcoming and past conferences, meetings, and other activities is updated on the association’s webpage.

Who we are

The IACPL aims to bring together linguists and language workers, both from international universities and speaker communities. We are interested in evaluating, deconstructing, and discussing the historical base of our linguistic research in colonial and postcolonial contexts.

Information flyer

This flyer presents the association, its aims, and areas of interest, and it includes the contact information of the presidents. Help us to promote the association by distributing the flyer among your colleagues, fellow linguists and language workers, and institutions!